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Isalayam Ashram offers 200-hour certificate Yoga Teacher Training certified by Yoga Alliance.

Students wishing to learn and practice the real essence of yoga in the traditional Gurukula system have this special opportunity train directly under His Holiness Jagadguru Swami Isa.

The course includes classes on

* Yoga techniques

* Yogic theory

* Philosophy

* Theory of teaching

* Practice. 

Swami Isa personally guides each learner to understand the practice of yoga in the modern world. His philosophy classes go deeply into the scriptures and bridge them with modern scientific knowledge. Teacher Training emphasizes his Education for Total Consciousness method of teaching, which empowers teachers to realize the fullness of the topic and to get in touch with their students in a meaningful way. 

Our courses are specialized in Swami Isa's Life for Total Consciousness (LTC) method. LTC integrates important elements from Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga (8 limbs described by Patanjali).

Isalayam is a Registered Yoga School (RYS 200) with Yoga Alliance.

The Course is taught in both a Residential format (1 month) or non-Residential format (6 months).

Benefits of LTC TTC 
    • Immerse yourself in the traditional Gurukula system 
    • Experience spiritual growth and gain clear guidance on your spiritual path
    • Strengthen your yoga and meditation practice and develop a disciplined lifestyle
    LTC TTC Seva
    • Learn about the scientific benefits of yogic and Ayurvedic diet
    • Develop emotional stability, intellectual power, balance your physical body and prana
    • Deepen your insight into your energy body and learn how to balance your chakras
    • Find answers to your deep-rooted questions
    • Gain clear knowledge about universal truths, Energy and Consciousness 
    • Learn the best techniques for connecting meaningfully to students
    • Learn how to be aware of the individual needs of your students and to work for their personal development
    • Discover the best methods of establishing a good learning environment for your students
    • Learn the difference between the various types of yogic and meditative practices and the benefits of each
    • Learn how to pronounce and chant Sanskrit 
    • Increase your positive energy and spread happiness and positive energy to others
    • Experience the beauty of Kerala, “God’s Own Country”
Why study LTC?

Everyone wants happiness, and freedom from stress, strain, pain and sorrow.  Happiness, or total Consciousness, is our innate nature, but unfortunately most of the time we cannot experience it. How much about it do we understand?  How much about ourselves do we truly comprehend?

We need to learn what we are made of and how the human system acts as a vehicle to help us to reach our goal. Traditionally, the role of yoga has been to tune this vehicle.

Swami Isa

Yoga means “union with Total Consciousness” or “union with the Divine”.  Life for Total Consciousness (LTC) is a yogic lifestyle and practice conceived by His Holiness Swami Isa for the modern world.  Swami Isa is a realized master who has attained this goal, and is therefore in a position to show light on the path.

Swami Isa has formulated LTC to be universal—it can be practiced by anyone, regardless of physical limitation, age, location or belief.  It is designed to respect and work with the entire human system, whoever you are. Importantly, we learn to be independent in our self-care, as we gain the tools to keep ourselves in balance.

LTC is a way to gain awareness and purify all parts of our system.  Then only the parts become a well-tuned vehicle to drive us to our destiny—total bliss, total light, and total Consciousness.

Learn to live a Life for Total Consciousness!

Admission Requirements

Those who have genuine interest in yoga and meditation, as well as learning in the Gurukula system (where students live and study with the teacher), are welcome to attend the course.  Prior experience with yoga, meditation or Life for Total Consciousness is not necessary, but will certainly benefit you. 

However, you must be committed and open to the LTC technique. Once you enrol in the LTC Teacher Training course, you are making a commitment to teach LTC as a whole, in its entirety and with its integrity.  We do not allow teachers to “mix-and-match” parts of LTC with other techniques.

Participants must be willing to abide by the rules of the ashram and respect the local culture during the entire course (Please refer to the Rules and Conditions in the Application Form).

Upcoming Courses  

July 5-31, 2024

An intensive month of training includes yoga techniques, yogic theory, philosophy, theory of teaching, and practice. A fully residential course for international students.

Certification as RYT200 with Yoga Alliance is given after succesffuly completing the course and written examination. 

Daily Schedule


The class runs 6 days per week for 4 weeks.  Fridays are recreational days with an arranged program for sightseeing or another enriching activity.

The typical daily schedule is: 

5-5:30 am           Wake up

6:00 am              Meditation, Pranayama, Relaxation

7:00 am              Tea Break

7:30 am              Asana Class

8:30 am              Breakfast

9:15 am              Anatomy Class

11:15 am            Karma Yoga

12:15 pm            Lunch Break

1:00 pm              Philosophy Class

2:00 pm              Teaching Methodology Class

3:00 pm              Practice

4:30 pm              Tea Break & Bath

5:45 pm              Puja

6:30 pm              Bhakti Yoga

7:30 pm              Dinner and Group Discussion

9:00 pm              Silence (homework, personal practice)

10:00 pm            Lights out

Note: The last week will see some adjustments to the schedule; particularly, more time will be given for practice teaching.  

Attendance to the entire TTC daily schedule, each day, is mandatory.

Syllabus / Topics Covered

I. Practice

    • Asanas, Surya Namaskar
    • Physical purification
    • Intellectual purification
    • Emotional purification
    • Ego purification
    • Ignorance purification
    • Time meditation 
    • Space meditation
    • Prana purification
    • Personal / family relationship healing
    • Developing awareness / knowledge about Energy
    • Developing awareness / knowledge about Divinity
    • Integrating material (objective) experiences with spiritual (subjective) experiences into Total Consciousness
    • Meditation
    • Relaxation

II. Philosophy 


    • Meaning of human lifeLTC class with Swami Isa outside
    • Meaning of Life for Total Consciousness 
    • Philosophy and goal of Yoga – destiny and self-effort
    • Short history of Yoga

 Meditation / Dhyana Yoga

    • What is meditation? 
    • Techniques for concentration
    • Beginning and advanced methods of meditation
    • Mindfulness in the daily life

Tantra and Kundalini Yoga

    • AUM chanting
    • Kayakalpa Yoga
    • Chakra activation
    • Microcosm & Macrocosm
    • Variety of mudras
    • White, red and black Tantra

Raja Yoga

    • Ashtanga – the 8 steps of yoga 
    • Subconsciousness, consciousness, and higher consciousness
    • Power of thought and positive thinking
    • Handling of emotions
    • Visualisations
    • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
    • Mantra Japa (initiation by Guru)

Karma Yoga - Yoga of action

    • Karma, the Law of Cause and Effect
    • Dharma, righteousness
    • Ahimsa: non-violence and harmlessness – (Yama &) Niyama
    • Selfless service: Seva  
    • Ecological awareness and social engagement
    • Simple life and noble thinking

Bhakti Yoga : Yoga of Devotion

    • What is God?  Namaskar
    • How can God be understood scientifically?
    • Come into contact with the Divine
    • Kirtan / bhajan singing
    • Mantra chanting
    • Guru and student relationship
    • Chemistry of emotions

Jnana Yoga : Yoga of knowledge

    • Ashtanga Yoga – the 8 limbs of Yoga
    • I-Theory – Swami Isa’s theory of everything
    • The three bodies
    • The five elements
    • The science of Time
    • The science of Space
    • Karma
    • Re-birth and liberation
    • Important scriptures of Yoga: Upanishads, LTC sutras

III. Teaching methodology

    • Basic principles – How to teach
    • Preparing a proper environment for the class
    • Integrating objective (outer) and subjective (inner) knowledge in the teacher and in the student (i.e., Education for Total Consciousness)
    • Inner attitude of the LTC teacher
    • Importance of proper self-discipline and positive daily routine of the teacher
    • Presentation / lecture techniques
    • Importance of creativity in learning
    • Adaptations for Children, Physical problems, Specific diseases, Pregnant women, and Elderly
    • Sensitivity for different social and cultural groups
    • Structure of a LTC class (hour)
    • Structure of an LTC course (semester): Classes for beginners, advanced 
    • Practice teaching (10 hrs)

“We got so much vibrating knowledge, it is a very rare present! It might be different from what you get in the Western world, but with Swami Isa you will get living knowledge, which is given “shruti” (only directly, face to face) like in old times, for it helped to learn differently, more deeply.”

– Susanne, Germany ‘14


“If you once get a glimpse of Swami Isa’s ‘I theory’ and your understanding grows about the connection and relationship between everything, you realize that LTC -- practicing and teaching -- is a higher service to the harmony of universe, since you are able to change the quality of energy with LTC. Ancient knowledge says that feelings and thoughts have an impact on the microcosm and macrocosm and therefore also on the harmony in the world and in people’s selves. You can´t change the quantum of energy but the quality. LTC is one way to harmonize the energies in the universe. Therefore my wife Susanne and I highly recommend you to learn it yourself and spread it as a teacher!"

– Dirk, Germany ‘14


“Teaching LTC is really the tool for changing myself and having a positive impact on others.  It is a self-transformation process. LTC is like the alchemist who slowly changes metal into gold.”

– Clara, France ‘08


“There is no way to compare this course to other Yoga Teacher Training courses. We not only received the pristine purity of the vedic and yogic theory from a Master himself, but we also were able to live it and practice it.  Swamiji answered each one of our very deep and complex questions.  Everyone came out of the course totally transformed. I would recommend this course to anyone who is seriously interested in understanding true yoga.”

– Mira, USA ‘08


“I am so grateful for this scientific way which touches both the brain and the heart.”

– Marcus, Germany ‘10


 “I have practiced and taught many systems of yoga for many years, but this is a jewel!” 

– Sybille, France ‘07


All students who successfully pass the 200-hour Yoga TTC will recive a Yoga Alliance RYT200 Certificate and an Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust International Yoga Teacher Certificate TTC 200 hours.


International students must apply for the appropriate visa for practicing yoga in India.  Please consult with your country’s Embassy and follow their advice. 


The accommodations for Yoga Teacher Training is a dormitory.

Mattresses, pillows, sheets and mosquito nets are provided.

Course Donations

Donations for the LTC TTC go toward the charitable activities of the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust. Read more about our charity projects.

Please email us for more information about course donations, indicating your country of residence.

How to Apply

Please email us at isa.viswa(at)yahoo.co.in to request an application form, including your full name and country of residence.

Thought of the Week

“A knowledge revolution is on the way. This is the age of knowledge. ”

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