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"Human Manifesto" book now in bookstores worldwide ( 2023-03-12 )

Swami Isa's much-anticipated book, The Human Manifesto (Part 2): Global Education Policy for Total Consciousness is now available online for purchase!

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His Holiness Jagadguru Swami Isa, Founder of the Global Energy Parliament and the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust and progenitor of the Education for Total Consciousness system, gives the first global policy for education enshrining holistic, humanistic and forward-looking values. He has left no aspect of theory or practice in education unattended in this comprehensive policy. This book will serve to inspire governments, educators, parents, students and the public to make changes in education now, as it elucidates the most fundamental aspect to bring about real change in society: knowledge.

This book details a proposed policy on education that would unify the world’s educational systems with a complete vision put forth by His Holiness Jagadguru Swami Isa. It is part two of the Human Manifesto, his philosophy of education: Education for Total Consciousness. Now Swamiji has given the practical steps for implementation of this educational system with a greatness of vision in lucid prose that will be of immense benefit to policymakers, educationists, and the general public. This work represents the complete policy statement given by His Holiness to the Global Energy Parliament (of which he is the founder) conducted on the theme, “Visualizing a Global Education Policy for Total Consciousness in 2021.”

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“A knowledge revolution is on the way. This is the age of knowledge. ”

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