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New Books by Swami Isa Released ( 2023-12-02 )

The Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust is pleased to announce the publication of three new books by Swami Isa this year!

"The Path to Truth: Mystical Experiences of a Yogi"  contains some of the amazing stories of Swami Isa's own spiritual journey and mystical experiences in his own words. Travel with the saint and mystic as he discovers the answers to his deepest questions in the harshest of conditions--in jungles, caves, and Himalayam mountain peaks. This is the English translation of "Saphalamiye Atmiya Yatra." The book was released on October 24th at the 69th Jayanthi celebration of Swami Isa by Shri. MM Hassan, former Minister for the Government of Kerala.

"Science and Faith" is Swami Isa's contribution to the 13th annual session of the Global Energy Parliament held on the same theme. In this book, he explains that science and faith are not contradictory nor separate; they are both fundamental elements of human thought and action, crucial to the advancement of society. He provides a new exciting definition of faith that operates within the framework of science. Recommendations for every branch of government are given to put this into practice, with the aim of building a better, more harmonious world. It was released by Dr. Guido-Henri de Couvreur, philosopher, engineer and Vice-President of the Club of Rome at the Valedictory Session of the 13th GEP at the Raj Bhavan of Kolkata on November 30, 2023.

The second and updated edition of "The Unifying Vibration" is the collection of Swami Isa's writings on the I-Theory and for each year of the Global Energy Parliament since its inception in 2010. The second edition includes new texts since 2019. It was released by Mr. Sunil Kanoria, the Hony Consul to Spain, at the Parliament on November 30, 2023.

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