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Swam Isa Surprises With a New Definition of Faith ( 2023-11-30 )

On the first day of the annual Global Energy Parliament 2023, GEP Founder Swami Isa surprised Members of Parliament with a new scientific definition of science and faith as two inextricably linked ends of a thought, with faith as the chemistry, and science as the mathematics of it.

The Global Energy Parliament convened its 13th annual session of parliament on the topic of “Science and Faith.” It was concerned about the false dichotomy between science and faith, and the uncomfortable fact that that science has become one of if not the single biggest contributing factors to the destruction and suffering on the planet.

Early in 2023, GEP Founder His Holiness Jagadguru Swami Isa noted that science has become obsessed with material achievements while disregarding the existence of things it cannot directly observe. Faith, too, he pointed out, has treated science and logic as its enemies.
Members from all walks of life and 15 nations assembled in Kolkata, India to discuss this topic at the GEP 2023 in November.  

In his Founder’s Address at the beginning of Parliament, Swami Isa told them: “Science and faith can help us to obtain a clear vision of the universe. The two action planes of One Thought are labelled as faith and science ... Though designated as two, mathematics and chemistry belong to thought. Realizing this is the first step in the human’s growth towards perfection, the state of the Absolute.”

He continued: "Science and faith will teach the human to understand what is lacking in them, and life will lead them to perfection. Science and faith are the two legs to walk towards absolute knowledge.”

Members were excited about the new vision. “This is a wholly unprecedented idea about science and faith and the connection between them,” said GEP Minister for Science Dr. Christophe Dumas. “But it is very much in need right now.”

“Some of us came here arguing that faith and science were parallel but never able to intersect. It’s a totally new idea,” said one member from Kolkata.

“I think it is hard for us to grasp the importance of what Swami Isa has given to us,” commented GEP Germany Co-chair Stephanie Pfeiffer. “This has the potential to totally upend the fundamental assumptions behind today’s wars and conflicts and unite humanity with a new and fresh understanding.”

Swami Isa released a book outlining these ideas, entitled “Science and Faith,” at the Valedictory Function of the GEP.

Update - Video:
On January 21st, Swamiji addressed the Members of Parliament again about this topic in great depth. Please enjoy the video:

Science and Faith video

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