A knowledge revolution is on the way. This is the age of knowledge.

Faith and science are two action planes of One Thought.

Peace is not created by putting an end to change, but by keeping both positive and negative changes in a balanced state.

Make your body a temple for the living Siva.

Energy is the Mother of the Universe.

Slow and steady sadhana solves life’s sorrows.

No purity, no peace of mind.

Frustration arises because we never perceive the original thought.

Subjective study means investigating the body, mind, intellect, ego, ignorance, and Consciousness.

The remedy lies in adding more light, not in fearing the darkness.

The six negative qualities of man are blind desire, anger, greed, fascination, negative ego, and unhealthy competition. When you can reduce your blind desire, it’s enough. The others will follow. - JAGADGURU SWAMI ISA

Everything should be done with positive thought, and in-core sincerity. Do not worry about the result. Time will take care. Why are you bothered?

When any kind of pain becomes self-pain, a higher quality is developed: kindness. Kindness is the lamp oil of the light which leads to the Infinite Blissful Consciousness.

Vibrating Energy becomes Vibrationless Consciousness.

See pain, Pour kindness. Love showers Divinity.

If you can love everything always, fear will never touch you. Fearlessness and love—make it your quality.

Looking at Nature, realizing we are Nature.

You cannot eliminate negativity. But you can meet negativity in a positive way.

Everything in this world is nothing but Energy. From the heartbeat of man to the rotation of the Earth on its axis, everything is only the pulsation of that Divine Vibration.

Devotion is an ocean.

Meditation is the Energy Revelation.

Education is enlightenment.

Forgiveness is the gateway to happiness.

Genuine education removes the darkness.

See the fire in the wood to see the Omnipresent Lord.

Love like a mother, care like a father.

Smile like a child. Think like a saint.

The purpose of human life is to reduce the gap between the subject and the object.

We should realise that everything in the world, including the self, is nothing but energy.

Life is a 'lift' for elevating one and all to happiness.

Give to the world what you desire from the world.

Peace will be habitual when habit is peaceful.

Guru is like Mother, always cooking

Purity is the inner essence of the heart

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“A knowledge revolution is on the way. This is the age of knowledge. ”

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