The Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust has a special focus on Education, as we believe that changing knowledge is the main pathway to creating lasting change in individuals and society.  

“When an individual’s knowledge changes, the world changes,” says Swami Isa. “True and total education should result in the complete development of the individual, and his or her realisation of Total Consciousness.  This type of Education is the backbone of a society populated with humane human beings.”

Swami Isa has developed a unique educational methodology called “Education for Total Consciousness,” which brings out the inherent qualities of the learner by integrating subjective and objective knowledge. [Click HERE to read about Swamiji's methodology and his book)   

The unique Educational programs of the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust come in two forms: Formal Education and Informal Education.   

Formal Education

Isa Viswa Vidyalayam (est. 1998) - A bold and successful pilot school for Education for Total Consciousness. Whether learning mathematics, science, literature, or dance, our students experience the joy that comes from deeply relating to what they are learning. Learn more here 

Universal University (Upcoming) - Envisioned by Swami Isa as a state-of-the-art educational environment cultivating life-long self-discovery and total consciousness. 


Informal Education 

Life for Total Consciousness

Global Energy Parliament

The Mobile Knowledge Unit

National Seminars on Education for Total Consciousness

Teacher Training Camps

Social Service (Charitable) Activities

Educational and Awareness Camps for Children

Children's Summer Camps (Sanathana Dharma)

Healthcare and Health Awareness Camps

Public Talks on Energy

Environmental Cleaning Programme


Individual Counselling


Timeline of Major Educational Activities

The major activities undertaken by the Trust since its inception are as follows:

1998 - Establishment of school (Isa Viswa Vidyalayam)

         - Veda Conference

2000 - 1st National Educational Conference on “Education for Total Consciousness”

2001 - 2nd National Educational Conference on “Education for Total Consciousness”

         - Research Work on Panchabhootha (Swasthi Panchaha Yajnam)

         - International Educational Conference on “Education for Total Consciousness”

2003 - World Peace Conference (Viswa Santi Sammelanam)

2005 - Energy Activation Ceremony (Amba Yaga)

2010 - International Meet (1st Session of Global Energy Parliament, India)

2011 - Establishment of Research Centre

         - International Meet on Sustainability in Energy and Medicine (2nd Session of Global Energy Parliament, Germany)

         - National Meet on Energy, Education & Environment (1st session of the National Energy Parliament)

2012 - International Meet on Sound Energy (3rd Session of Global Energy Parliament, France)

         - National Meet on Better India (2nd session of the National Energy Parliament)

2013 - Establishment of the Isa Universal Centre for Higher Studies –2013

         - International Meet on Sustainable Economics (4th Session of Global Energy Parliament, London)

         - National Symposium on “Education, Technology and Medicine for a 21st Century Worth Living” (Germany)

         - National Meet on Education (France)   

2014 - International Meet on The Science of Peace (5th Session of Global Energy Parliament, Geneva)

         - National Meets on Peace (France, India)

2015 - International Meet on “The Art and Science of Governance” (6th Session of the Global Energy Parliament, Madrid)

2016 - International Meet on “Habitat Harmony” (7th Session of the Global Energy Parliament, Colombo)

         - All-India Students' Energy Parliament on "Education" (Thiruvananthapuram)

Residential School - Preliminary Measures Completed

Universal Centre for Total Consciousness (Universal University) – Preliminary Measures Completed  


Thought of the Week

“Vibrating Energy becomes Vibrationless Consciousness.”

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