Education for Total Consciousness


Education for Total Consciousness (ETC) is a holistic educational system developed  by His Holiness Jagadguru Swami Isa, Founder of the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust.

The ETC methodology relates the topic to the self and the teacher to the learner in an integrated format. The student and teacher realize their oneness, and at the same time, they realize the topic within themselves. Knowledge ceases to be an outer attainment and becomes a meaningful, personalized quest, with the final aim of realizing Total Consciousness. 


  • Relates the topic to the self
  • Correlates the objective aspect (ex: facts about rivers) with the subjective aspect (ex: my own circulatory system) of each lesson
  • Is applicable to all disciplines
  • Places equal emphasis on written, oral and creative demonstrations of student knowledge to encourage total digestion of information
  • Provides an evaluation system of student progress on multiple levels —  i.e., physical, intellectual, emotional, ego, and ignorance
  • Is relevant for all age groups


The ETC diagram denotes the integration of knowledge in the objective and subjective levels that leads to total consciousness.

(1) While teaching, the teacher is the subject; (2) the student is an object to him/her and (3) the lesson is an object to him/her.

(4) While learning, the student is the subject; (5) the teacher is an object to him/her and (3) the lesson is an object to him/her. 

The knowledge imparted by the teacher and imbibed by the student remains in the objective plane only. Knowledge is to be integrated into the subjective level also: 

(6) The inner consciousness of the student and teacher and (7) the outer consciousness merge. The knowledge in the objective plane and knowledge in the subjective level are blended together. Now knowledge has become total.  

(8) That is the light of happiness, total consciousness.


Outcomes and Benefits

  • Systematically trains teacher and student to see one’s self in the outside world and in other beings
  • Produces the skills to develop complete knowledge and wisdom
  • Improves relations between the teacher and student
  • Imbues students with dignity, responsibility, selflessness, self respect, compassion and love of world
  • Increases student concentration and efficiency
  • Brings out the best in each child through personalisation of the learning experience
  • Offers a scientific and thorough way to analyse student development
  • Requires no change to the standard curriculum
  • Can be used in any culture, language or region of the world


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Thought of the Week

“When any kind of pain becomes self-pain, a higher quality is developed: kindness. Kindness is the lamp oil of the light which leads to the Infinite Blissful Consciousness.”

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