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Peace Chanting held on the Int'l Day of Peace ( 2023-09-17 )

For the second year, the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust hosted an online chanting session of Swami Isa’s ‘Swasti Mantra’ to celebrate the International Day of Peace. 

This practice was first given to devotees at a critical time during Mahashivaratri 2002. The Isalayam Ashram chants it on every new moon day. We continue to feel its positive effects in ourselves and our environment. The mantra develops our subjective and objective peace.

Before the chanting was led by a group of devotees, Swamiji's message was shared:

"Peace means a harmony of energy.

For so many reasons, this harmony is distorted in our physical, intellectual, mental, ego and ignorance planes.

With this practice, we are knowingly tuning all our systems in a balanced manner.

For that we use the medium of sound connected with physical body, intellect, mind, ego and ignorance.

Each and every individual is always trying to attain peace and happiness. On Peace Day, with this group chanting, we are tuning our own self and then able to share balanced energy. Through this Shanti Mantra, our self love and service are extending peace to the entire universe."

Participants joined from all time zones and experienced the power of this great mantra. They expressed their joy and gratitude for the experience, which brough them great peace.

Thought of the Week

“A knowledge revolution is on the way. This is the age of knowledge. ”

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