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Covid is genetically modified, says Swami Isa ( 2020-06-30 )

Swami Isa warns that the virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, SARS-CoV-2, is genetically modified.

He says that the reason for its destructiveness and unpredictability has to do with the imbalance of subatomic forces in the virus as a result of the type of modification which took place.
Genetic modification can be extremely harmful, but solutions can also be found through the genetic level too, Swamiji says, once science understands the subatomic forces at play. Presently, however, science is not looking so deeply into the virus to really understand the forces affected by the genetic modification.

The recent session of the Global Energy Parliament on June 26th was dedicated to the topic of "the New Normal for the Post-Covid World," in which Swamiji explained in much detail the science of the virus and its modification. It was the first time anyone had heard about bosons (a subatomic particle) with reference to the virus.

GEP Research Centre is pushing for the scientific world to understand the subatomic level of the SARS-COV-2 virus in order to find better treatments for it. This is the most pressing need of the hour.

Since February, long before the international scientific community understood much about the cause of the pandemic, Swami Isa has been warning devotees and the public about the seriousness of the virus. He spoke about biological weapons, a new type of warfare, and the imminence of World War III. He also told us that the virus was airborne, and advised us to build up our immunity, long before these became part of the public rhetoric.

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