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Swami Isa Publishes Covid-19 Analysis in International Scientific Journal ( 2021-01-31 )

The Global Energy Parliament Research Centre has published an article on the Covid-19 virus in the February 2021 issue of Advances in Microbiology, a peer-reviewed journal. H.H. Swami Isa and Dr. Christophe Dumas co-authored the article, entitled An analysis of SARS-CoV-2 on the molecular and subatomic levels through applied I-Theory.

Looking at recent evidence, the authors indicate that the virus is genetically modified. By examining the modification at the subatomic level, the authors illustrate the probable reasons why the virus is so destructive physiologically.

H.H. Swami Isa and Dr. Christophe Dumas co-authored the article. H.H. Swami Isa, founder of the GEP and developer of the I-Theory, a unified theory on which the research is based and Dr. Dumas is a physicist who heads the GEP Research Center.

According to them, the significance of this research is that the natural energy balance gets broken through genetic modification. In this particular modification, there is a deficiency of fermions (a type of subatomic particle). This leads to an excess of the repulsion force. The subatomic level is a more fundamental plane of energy, so the potential for destruction is much higher.

Usually medical science is concerned only with the molecular level. Genetics, medical treatments, and vaccines, for example, all operate at the molecular level.

But, the authors say, this is not enough. Medicine should be closely examining the subatomic level too, in order to understand the problem and develop better treatments and vaccines.

In the case of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the authors explain, the virus is stable at the molecular plane, so it seems to be no problem. But if you magnify everything and look at the atoms and subatomic particles that make up those molecules, you will see that this is a highly unstable virus. And if you understand the enormous forces at play, you realize why the pandemic is such an emergency.

As the authors’ previous research has shown (in an article titled Entropy and Negentropy Principles in the I-Theory,” published last year in the Journal of High-Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology), in a normal state of health, entropy and negentropy are balanced. Having an excess of fermions causes negentropy, while having an excess of bosons causes entropy. Negentropy is the force of creation and attraction (the authors ask you to think about the force that would make a normal, healthy cell uncontrollably divide and spread, as in cancer). Entropy is the force of repulsion and dismantling (envision the immune system fighting against itself, and cells fusing together or rupturing, as is seen with severe Covid cases). A healthy state, the authors emphasize, is balance between these two forces.

The authors advise caution about other forms of genetic modification used in medicine, unless and until those subatomic forces are well understood. The GEP is urging the WHO and governments everywhere to look into this area of research as the world races to protect against the virus.  

Read the full article in Advances in Microbiology.

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