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Swami Isa's Education for Total Consciousness proposed to C20 ( 2023-04-28 )

Yesterday, Jagadguru Swami Isa spoke at C20’s Conclave on Education and Digital Transformation. C20 is the platform to bring civil society organisations’ voices to the G20 leaders.

During his speech at the Valedictory Session, Swamiji urged the educationalists and government leaders present to adopt an educational method that would link subjective and objective knowledge, which is what his Education for Total Consciousness achieves.

Swamiji emphasised the purpose of education as the moulding of humane human beings, and the necessity of human interaction in the process. Learning the mother tongue in addition to national, international and ancient languages is important, rather than sacrificing the “mother’s milk for the binary numbers of the digital language,” he said. Philosophical, pedagogical, methodological, and curricular aspects all need to be considered carefully when implementing holistic and human-oriented education for the modern world.

Last year, Swami Isa had authored an exhaustive “Global Education Policy for Total Consciousness” covering all of these aspects with a 50 year implementation plan.

The Government of India, which has the presidency of G20 this year, has set the G20 agenda as ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future.’ The Education and Digital Transformation working group’s objective is to investigate, deliberate and propose fair and inclusive education approaches while also examining the impacts of digitalization on society and the environment.  

The Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust urges G20 to adopt Swami Isa’s Global Education Policy for Total Consciousness.

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