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New Year's Message ( 2016-12-31 )

His Holiness Jagadguru Swami Isa held a discourse on New Year's Eve, in which he reminded everyone of the difficulty of the times that we are collectively going through, and the need for increased awareness in our daily lives, and better efforts to overcome the negative energy. He said that because "outer friction is increasing, it's essential to increase the inner peace and harmony. This is the dharma of the I-Theory," he said, referring to the work of his theory of energy and Consciousness which can provide the knowledge and the technology for creating energy balance in human beings and in the outer world.

On a lighter note, His Holiness reminded everyone that all we ever have is the "now," and he said that on the eve of the New Year, when the "new becomes now, now is always bright. Make it blissful, graceful and bright."

Thought of the Week

“Faith and science are two action planes of One Thought.”

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