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Swami Isa's Message on Quantum Science and the Earth ( 2023-02-25 )

Every year on Mahashivaratri night, Jagadguru Swami Isa delivers a message about the present state of the world. Usually it contains a warning about destructive activities or negative impacts that are likely to be faced in the coming period. These messages are intended to shine a light on the short window of opportunity that we have to change course and avert major disasters.  Swami Isa’s Mahashivaratri messages are a call to action for people on Earth to awaken and take necessary action, immediately and sincerely.  

The following is a condensed version of Swami Isa’s 2023 message. If you would like to learn more about the ways that you can work towards solutions, we welcome you to join any of Swami Isa’s global and local activities and programs. See the end of the message for more details.

Swami Isa’s Mahashivaratri Message 2023

On February 18, 2023, Jagadguru Swami Isa gave the following message:

"Quantum Science: Grace and Curse

Many people search for the reasons why problems have come to Earth, but nobody talks about the real causes. The cause is the human being. Humanity thinks that it is the highest creation, but this great creation has now become a curse for the entire universe.

Human understanding of science and applications of it are the main problem at the present moment. Science is going in a negative direction.

In ancient times, only soldiers could fight, and warfare was on the gross physical plane. But now thanks to scientific discoveries, everybody can fight, and it is not restricted to the physical plane. Recently, warfare extended to the subtle plane, and now it is taking place on the causal plane, the plane of quantum energy.

The mighty power of quantum energy can have both positive and negative impacts in all fields. In the positive side, it is well known for solutions like faster computing and new forms of medicine. But on the negative side, quantum technology can also create non-curable diseases, new kinds of weapons, wholesale destruction of natural resources, and more.

Knowledge of the technology enabling time travel is also on Earth now.

When scientific interference travels beyond the gross plane to the causal plane, the impact is unimaginable. The universe is interconnected. Any negative action will affect the entire universe. There is no separate or isolated entity.

Another problem facing humanity today results from the use of Artificial Intelligence. Earlier, when we had to make a decision, we would seek the advice of elders, ask other people’s opinions, look at the different possibilities and then make a decision. Now, within seconds we can get an answer artificially. All decisions used to come from a humane quality, but now we are replacing the human brain with a machine brain. We are losing our humanity.

There is an imbalanced scientific culture which prioritizes objective information-gathering and material manipulation. Science today only searches for short-lived rewards without caring about long-term balance, peace and happiness. God is inconceivable to Science today. How can this be solved? Only positive science can correct this situation. From here on, all teaching and practices should be based on the I-theory.

Earth is Our Own Body

Humanity needs to learn to consider the Earth as a human body, made up of a defined proportion of mixed elements of solid, semisolid, liquid, heat and light, air and space. The proportion is important to the maintenance of the Earth’s natural balance and health. But now, due to human need and greed, we are exploiting, torturing and looting all the parts of the Earth’s body. The result is an imbalance and destruction which comes in many forms—earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, landslides, etc.

Stone is the bone of the Earth. We are crushing rocks, razing hills, experimenting with subterranean explosions, and these activities cause Earth to lose its stability. The water content of Earth is also being destroyed. Another loss is semi-solids such as oil and petrol. When we are extracting the liquid in our own body and exceeding the limit, what will happen? The Earth needs air (gases) also, but that too we are extracting in the form of fuel. In the same way, innumerable vehicles and factories are producing poisonous gases which pollute the atmosphere. Another area of big concern is space pollution. Much too frequently we are sending vehicles and objects into space. Space is not a playground. Essential missions are necessary, but they should be conducted without disturbing the purity of Space. Without a proper vision of the purpose of missions to Space, the results will be very destructive.  Space waste and space vehicles are affecting Earth’s entire atmosphere. It is one of the causes of global warming.

We are searching for other places to live like the Moon, Mars and other planets. But we have been gifted with this Earth which is perfect for sustaining our life, so why are we misusing it?

Who can solve these problems? The entire responsibility goes to the creators. We are the creators.

Hope lies in the human. We need to reach the human heart, not merely the brain.”

This concludes Swami Isa’s 2023 Mahashivaratri address.

Help us reach more hearts and brains!  Swami Isa’s institutions offer many solutions and activities that can get to the root—especially by changing human knowledge through education. His projects include a new form of education (Education for Total Consciousness); Global Energy Parliament; Global Education Council;  scientific research; publications; conferences; teacher training; yoga programs; meditation programs; subjective research; charitable activities and more.

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