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Symposium on the Science of Rebirth and the Afterlife ( 2015-06-20 )

His Holiness Swami Isa spoke at the Symposium on "The Science of the Soul, Karma and Rebirth" organized near Bonn, Germany on June 20.  

The Symposium drew together Germany's most well-known experts on scientific studies about what happens after life, Prof. Walter van Laack (Medical Doctor), Dr. Dieter Hassler (Engineer and Researcher), Dr. Ulrike Vinmann (Psychologist) moderated by Thomas Schmeltzer, a spiritual TV personality, and Dr. Dirk Seeling, founder of Personal-Point.

They presented fascinating different aspects on what is known about life after death, including clinical studies about people who have near-death experiences, case studies of children with memories of past lives, and past life regression therapy.

The day included a discussion with the audience, who had opportunities to ask provoking questions about what they were hearing and to search for answers to their most probing questions.

Swami Isa opened the Symposium with a description of the "I theory," explaining that life, death and afterlife are also dominated by the same energies experienced in different ways. Swamiji concluded the day with a fascinating description of the stages of life after death which are linked to our daily waking, sleeping and dreaming patterns.  

It was a fascinating day for all.  Many expressed a desire for further symposia on the same topic to delve more deeply into the science of rebirth.

Swami Isa at Rebirth Symposium, GermanySymposium on Rebirth and Afterlife

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“Faith and science are two action planes of One Thought.”

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