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Mahashivaratri & Chaturveda Yajna 2016 ( 2015-11-15 )

For the second year in a row, Swami Isa has decided to conduct the Chaturveda Yajna at the same time as the 6-day Mahashivaratri Festival, from March 2-7, 2016. 

The benefits of the Yajna are manifold.  The sounds generated in 4 distinct categories, one for each veda, carry with them specific benefits and experiences of the listener and the surrounding environment.  For example, the Sama Veda, commonly known as the veda of the science of music, has a relaxing and soothing effect.

When all 4 vedas are chanted simultaneously, in perfect form and in their completeness, immense benefits to the atmosphere are provided. However, perfection in chanting and in the Yajna is very difficult and hence it is not commonly conducted.  

Sound is the most potential energy, and sound in "seed forms" of the specific syllables of the Vedas, have great potential for creating change. Mantras are positively arranged sounds. As Swami Isa says, "One coconut can create millions of coconuts. Planting that one seed, it grows into a tree and thousands of coconuts are produced, which themselves create more. When cultivated in the right way and the right environment, a mantra can create such a change." This is why emphasis is given to perfection in chanting.

All are welcome to participate in the Mahashivaratri & Chaturveda Yajna. Please register early by contacting the Isalayam Ashram


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