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International Yoga Sadhana Camp in July ( 2019-05-02 )

Isalayam Ashram is hosting a Yoga Sadhana Camp from July 16-21, 2019. This Camp offers a special opportunity to receive initiation directly from His Holiness Jagadguru Swami Isa during Guru Poornima (the full moon in July).

Personalised diksha, opportunities to ask questions regarding your sadhana--and time devoted to your practice in the peaceful setting of the Ashram, away from all other concerns....

Camp Activities:

- Celebration of Guru Poornima (July 16th)

- One-on-one initiation into yoga sadhana with Swami Isa

- Satsangs with Swami Isa

- Group classes on yogic philosophy and science

- Meditation, Sadhana, Bhajans

- Agni Hotra and Puja

- Seva

Swami Isa initiates committed seekers into different techniques of sadhana or meditation, depending on their individual temperament and circumstances.Camps are offered at different times during the year to strengthen the seeker's personal sadhana practice under the direct guidance of Swamiji. They are precious opportunities to develop the privileged relationship between Guru and disciple.

This Camp is for international students only. Contact us at isa.viswa(at)yahoo.co.in for more information or to register. 

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