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Serve, Love, Be an (Organ) Donor ( 2016-08-13 )

On National Organ Donation Day, IVPT is pleased to announce it is launching an organ donation campaign called "Serve, Love, Be a Donor."

The Youth & Students branch of the Global Energy Parliament is taking up this campaign in colleges and schools throughout the country. It will sign up organ donors and spread awareness about organ donation and transplantation.

Statement by His Holiness Swami Isa, Founder of IVPT

“All living beings are on a journey. The living body is the vehicle, and the destination is permanent happiness.  When one part of the vehicle is damaged, travel is affected, and the destination is in question.  Repairing, or saving, the vehicle benefits not only one traveller. The energy of that one life radiates outwards to uplift the society, nation, world and universe. Serve the universe, love humanity, be a donor.”

To learn more about this campaign or to participate, visit our Facebook or Twitter pages or email youth(at)global-energy-parliament.net 


Thought of the Week

“Faith and science are two action planes of One Thought.”

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