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Interns Wanted ( 2015-12-05 )

Join the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust Internship program!

Gain hands-on experience, develop key skills and impact global sustainability by joining the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust’s Internship program.

Empower yourself with a holistic learning environment of the traditional Ashram.

Who We Are

The Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust (IVPT) is a registered charitable trust with the mission to create a world where every human being is capable of achieving Total Consciousness. We focus on promoting total education, eliminating suffering, and working for universal sustainability.

The Trust has branches and network partners throughout the world. In 2015 IVPT received special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.

His Holiness Swami Isa is the Founder and Managing Trustee.

Our Intern Projects

You can select your preference of projects to work on, and will be placed according to your area of study and interests.  Projects include:

1. Sustainable Development Intern - Enhance the IVPT’s projects connected with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our project areas include Education, Health, Energy, Sustainable Development, Economics, Government, Habitat and Peace. Your work may include communicating with the UN, communicating with other UN-affiliated NGO’s, writing projects, fundraising, etc.  Ideal for all types of students interested in international work, including Business, Humanities and Sciences.

2. Global Energy Parliament Intern - This is IVPT’s international project that brings together the most cutting-edge science together with ancient wisdom in a digestible and exciting format.  We conduct annual sessions of parliament in a different country every year, and also national parliaments in India every year.  The GEP Internship requires an interest in new science and sustainability, and can use your potential in a number of areas including Communications, Marketing, Arts, Administration, and/or Event Management.

3. Renewable Energy Project - Join an exciting international project with our Centre in France, developing a new source of energy that will be provided to rural areas of India.  Suggested for Engineering and Sciences Students.

4. Healthcare and Education in Slums - Our mobile unit visits slums of Trivandrum city to provide on-site healthcare and health awareness, as well as education for children.  Suggested for students of Medicine, Sociology and Education.

5. Yoga Teacher Training - Are you interested in the traditional Gurukula system in India, or want to learn more about how yoga, meditation and the Ashrams?  This program conducted directly under His Holiness Swami Isa, trains you in the traditional system to be a Yoga teacher and also shows you how to use modern knowledge and skills while gaining the best of traditional knowledge.

6. One House, One Fruit Tree Project - Neighbourhood activism which empowers anyone living in an urban environment with tools to combat climate change at home.  Suggested for Environmental Studies, Sociology or Agriculture Students.

Projects No. 3-6 require approximately 60 % of work in the field and 40 % in the office. 

How long is the Program?

We offer 2 lengths of programs:

1. Summer Program (May & June) - Jumpstart your career by gaining professional experience during your summer holidays

2. International Student Program (1 semester) - Students from universities abroad may complete 1 semester at the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust. Check with your institution about earning academic credit during the study abroad program.

Who is selected?

Students in good standing are selected who have an inclination both towards our projects and our way of life, as well as an open mind and eagerness to learn.

Interns will become a part of the Ashram environment which includes time for service, study, prayer, meditation and yoga. There is no barrier for any religion, caste, gender or other social status.

Where will it be?

The internship is conducted at the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Who bears the costs?

You are responsible for your own costs of travel, accommodation and food. Safe and affordable accommodations and food will be arranged by IVPT.  You will be welcome to participate in the ongoing classes which we have, free of charge.

As we are a non-profit charitable association, we do not provide stipends. 

How do I apply?

Please contact us for an application form at isa.viswa(at)yahoo.co.in.

How can I find out more?

To learn more, look through our projects on this website and www.global-energy-parliament.net. You are also invited to join our groups on Facebook.

Thank you for your interest! 


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