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Massive Flood Relief Coordinated ( 2018-12-21 )

Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust coordinated 9 tonnes of flood relief materials from Mauritius. The container, which arrived in early December by ship, held food items like rice, flour and lentils, clothing, shoes, cleaning and sanitary supplies, and school materials. 

 Shipping Container with IVPT

The container was handed over by IVPT officials Dr. M.R. Thampan and Adv. Punchakkary R. Nair to the District Collector of Thiruvananthapuram, Dr. K. Vasuki. 

IVPT hands container to Collector

The shipment was then sent to Idukki District, one of the most heavily affected districts in the eastern part of the state, in the hills. It had received 89% over average rainfall during July. Many landslides had occurred there, damaging roads and communications, which cut people off from essential services. Idukki has many tribal communities who suffered a great deal. 

On December 21, IVPT volunteers drove to Adimali in Idukki to participate in the distribution of the flood relief items, coordinated by the government officials. First, with 25 government officers at a function organized by the Deputy Tahlsidar and the Village Officer, IVPT handed over items to 7 tribal leaders to take back to their people. 

IVPT public function distribution of flood items Idukki 

IVPT with tribal leaders

Another function was held at the Carmel Jyothi Special Needs School. 100 children with disabilities live at the school under the care of its staff. Before going back to their families for Christmas holidays, IVPT distributed packets of food to each of them, in the presence of the Ward Counsellor, the school Vicar and Principal, Village Officer and other officials.

food packets

Special Needs School distribution

They also gave items to a cancer care center which takes in very poor people.

The distribution, a total of 470 boxes, is continuing in the remote areas of Adimali.

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