Swami Isa

Message on the IVPT's 20th Anniversary

by Jagadguru Swami Isa

Founder of the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust


People usually believe that spiritual seekers go after their own salvation, or spiritual development. Materialists, on the other hand, seek their own enrichment through wealth, knowledge or material development. In the conventional understanding, both seekers have different means to their vastly different goals. Such a dualistic perspective compartmentalizes society. It has created imaginary divisions between a group of believers / religious people and a group of materialists / rationalists /atheists. But are these the only ways to seek Truth? Are there really two vastly different methods? Can’t all problems in society be traced back to such divisions? These questions haunted Swami in childhood.

The mission and vision of the Isa Viswa Prajnana Trust was not a product of one short day’s introspection. Since childhood, Truth was eagerly sought. The idea evolved through experience. 20 years ago, the Trust was formed with a crystal clear vision of a unified path to wisdom which recognizes that the inner self and the outer world are inextricably linked. The subject and the object are one.

Years ago, there was only belief to support this claim. But today, it has been accepted by science. Humanity has evolved to see that spirituality is a subjective science, and physical science now too, admits the necessary existence of the subject when it considers the object. The outer vision is only possible because of the observer, the I.

This message needs to reach the masses. Still there are divisions all over the world, the result of a lack of total knowledge, and partial education. 

The real seeker has a quest to know how the entire universe exists inside and outside of himself. We think these are different, but they are not. All the differences are based on the five senses, not on the reality: all perceptions of the eyes are varieties of vision; all impressions of the ears are varieties of sound; all outer sound energy and all inner sound energy is simply energy. Providing clear knowledge about how to exist, how to integrate, and how to realize these apparent differences is the role of education. 

External seekers and internal seekers are on the same path, whether they know it or not. But nobody conveys this reality properly; all just build their own castles, yearning for separations. A real seeker realizes there is no separate entity. When existence is truly separate, there can be no experience: if you want to enjoy any external music, the outer music must become your inner sound. Otherwise you can’t enjoy it.

All knowledge follows this law. But modern education does not reveal this basic truth. When a student opens the five senses, at the same time one needs to open the intellect and mind, and the narrow, shadowy ego needs to be filled with the light of Consciousness. Education has this purpose. Life’s journey is for this. Such a realization and resulting higher experience is the goal. When one can reach this pinnacle of realization, one will be immersed in a constant stream of joy. The journey will be full of ups and downs, and the climate will change, but it will never affect the subject. Because one has realized that the universe is made up of energy. Frequency and wavelength are the basic leg, the fundamental vibration, of he who undertakes this journey. Time, space and qualities are results of this vibration. All branches of knowledge are different forms of a single knowledge; they are different frequencies or wavelengths of a single energy-knowledge.  

Properly understanding objective energy and subjective energy is real education. This knowledge will lead to Total Consciousness, which means Total Happiness. All the varied educational disciplines will eventually result in the realization of Consciousness and Energy. One who knows how it exists and how he can realize it—is a truly an educated person. Each and every individual needs this total knowledge.

IVPT wants to share this light. Knowledge is for moulding the human being; their way of life and activities must become service to the world. Without it, an individual becomes selfish, ever agitating, ever rejecting his own happiness. Without it, one cannot realize one’s own inherent happiness.  

Formal and informal education is our mission. Real knowledge is Light. Real light is Consciousness. Real Consciousness is all pervading. The all-pervading Consciousness is non- vibrating, real Happiness. Happiness, always happiness, is our mission!


August 31, 2020


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“A knowledge revolution is on the way. This is the age of knowledge. ”

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